How To Wire A DSL Splitter

by Jeff Fisher

There are three two-terminal connections to a DSL splitter.

  1. Network - the outside telephone line with the DSL signal.
  2. Voice - to your telephone equipment.
  3. Data - to your DSL modem.

Since the splitter must "intercept" the phone line before it goes to any telephone equipment, the splitter usually has to be installed outside.

Disconnect the phone line with the DSL signal from your DMARC box and route it, instead, to the "Network" terminals of the splitter. Make sure you are getting the phone line before it has split off to any other devices! These devices may make it easier to route the outside line through the splitter before connecting to the inside phones. BW-BW1 or BW-BW3, depending on which demarcation box you have.

  1. If the wires are green and red, green is "tip" (+) and red is "ring" (-).
  2. If the wires are black and yellow, black is "tip" (+) and yellow (or white) is "ring" (-).
  3. If one or both of the wires are multicolored, the wire with more white is "tip", and the wire with less or no white at all is "ring".

From the splitter, the "data" side needs to go straight to your DSL modem.<br/><br/>Jumper from the voice side of the filter back to the terminals that the outside line used to connect to.

Note that, if you have a security system, it must be connect somewhere between the "Voice" output of the filter and before the telephone equipment inside.


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