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Selecting Speaker Cable For Whole House Audio SelectSpeakerWire
How to determine the proper gauge of wire for long in-wall speaker cable runs.

Speaker Rough-In Brackets RoughIn
The what, why, and how of pre-construction brackets for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Speaker Wire Color Codes SpColor
Which colors to use for which speaker terminals to keep it all straight.

7 Keys to the Perfect Whole House Audio System HHAS

Create A Common Source Multi-Zone Audio System Common
Listen to the same source in all rooms, with individual volume controls.

Why You Should Not Use Your Home Theater Amp For Whole-House Audio Amp
Want to use your home theater amp's second zone output for whole-house audio? Read this first.


HVAC Control Tutorial HVAC
Poplular page on thermostat wiring, operation, and placement.

Infrared Distribution

How to Create An Infrared Distribution System CreateIR
How to select the IR repeater system that is right for you.

Infrared Distribution Tutorial IRTutorial
Lots of information about IR repeaters and systems.

How To Choose An Infrared Distribution System ChooseIR (old info)
Which IR repeater is right for you?

Troubleshooting Infrared Repeater Systems TroubleIR
Is your IR extender not working? Here's step-by-step troubleshooting information.


What is a HomeTech Bidet? Bidet
We don't make bathroom plumbing fixtures. Here's the folks that do.

Who is HomeTech Audio? HomeTechAudio
Information about the "HomeTech Audio" brand of speakers and audio controls.

Phone & Data

How to Wire an RJ31X Jack RJ31X
Details on the tricky wiring and functionality of a line-seizure jack.

DSL Installation Tutorial DSL
The what, why, and where of installing DSL without those annoying filters on every phone.

How To Wire A DSL Splitter WireDSL
How to install an external DSL splitter box.

What's the Difference Between a DSL Splitter & Filter? DSLDiff
Explains why some DSL devices are called splitters and some are called filters, and which one you need.

Can I Use A DSL Filter As A Splitter FilterSplitter
Why a DSL filter does not make a good splitter.

Category Cable Ratings Cat
A succinct description of the various category ratings of twisted pair cable and the networks each supports.

Attach A Modular Plug To Category Rated UTP Cable Attach8P
How to terminate a Cat5e and Cat6 cables with a modular plug.

Telephone Wiring Standards Telephone
Tables and charts showing which color coded wires go where.

Residential Telecommunications Wiring Primer PhoneWire
Soup to nuts description of phone wiring for new home construction.

How To Connect A Second Phone LIne SecondPhone
Information on adding another phone line to your home.

When I plug my DSL alarm filter into the RJ31X jack, all my phones quit working. PhoneDSL
Why your phones might go off when installing a DSL alarm filter.

How To Run RS232 Through Your Walls RS232
Need to run that serial line a long way? Do it through cat5 (or better) cable!

Security Systems

How To Connect Your DVR To The Outside World ConnDVR
Instructions on configuring your security recorder so that you can access it from outside your home network.

Adding a Remote Control to a Security System Remote
Elaborate (and dated) information for adding a radio remote control to a security system.

Adding Smoke Detectors to a Security System Smoke
All kinds of info about wired smoke detectors and how to connect them to your alarm system.

Wiring a Glass Break Detector Glass
A brief history and current state of the art glass break detectors and how to make a wireless one.


Video Distribution Tutorial Video
How to design a network of RF splitters and amplifiers to distribute video signals throughout your home.

HDMI Splitters, Switchers and Extenders HDMI
The problems and solutions then connecting complex HDMI distribution systems.

How To Terminate Coaxial Cable TermCoax
Various methods of putting connectors on the ends of RG6 cable.

MoCA Rated Filters, Splitters, and Amplifiers MoCA
Looking for MoCA rated RF distribution equipment? Don't know what MoCA is? Here's some help on both fronts.

Simple Video Distribution When You Have A Cable Modem SimpleCable
A sample setup for hooking up multiple TVs when you have a cable modem.


What Wire To Put In When Building A House Wires
This article will help you to decide what wires to put in and where to run them in new construction or a major remodel.

How To Wire A Structured Wiring Panel WirePanel
Information about installing and connecting everything in a central low-voltage wiring panel.

How To Install Combination Cable InstallCombo
Instructions for installing combination (2 coax and 2 cat5/6) cable.

How To Prewire For A Flat Screen TV FlatScreen
What wires, tubes, and brackets to put in your wall to connect your new plasma, LED, or LCD Television.

How To Run A Wiring Chase Chase
A slick way to provide future cable runs inside your walls.

Conduit Size vs Knockout Hole Size Conduit
When running plastic corrugated low-voltage conduit, what size knock-out holes and hole-saws to use.

How To Test Low-Voltage Wiring TestLV
Specific instructions on verifying the proper installation of coax and category rated cable.

What You Can Run Over Coax Cable OverCoax
A table listing the kinds of signals you can run over one or more pieces of coax cable.

How To Choose A Structured Wiring Panel Struct
Comparisons of the different structured wiring panels.

Structured Wiring Example StructExample
Description of a typical structured wiring installation.



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