Can I Use A DSL Filter As A Splitter

by Jeff Fisher

Functionally, a DSL splitter and DSL filter are very similar. We have another page that describes The Difference Between a DSL Filter and a DSL Splitter.

Filters and splitters are not interchancebable. Any splitter can be used as a filter, although the electrical terminations may not be ideal. (Screw terminals versus RJ plug.) But filters should not be used as splitters for the following reasons:
  • The first problem you run into when using a filter as a splitter is that you have to kludge some method of connecting the filter into the phone line, and working the "bypass" around the filter for the DSL connection.

  • But the main problem with using a filter as a splitter for your whole house is that the filters are designed with the expectation that they will drive only one or two telephone devices.

When wired as a splitter, all of the telephone line voltage and current must pass through the filter to get to all the telephone devices in the home. The higher current load, especially when all the telephones are ringing, may be too much for the filter. It may saturate and cause problems with the DSL signal or the phones inside, or it may burn out entirely. It simply isn't designed for that application, and such inexpensive commodity parts are rarely massively overdesigned.

A Typical DSL Filter
A Typical DSL Filter
A Typical DSL Splitter
A Typical DSL Splitter

Use the right part for the right job.

Hope this helps!




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