Structured Wiring Example

by Jeff Fisher

This application note describes the typical design of the structured wire closet.

The diagram below shows the design of a typical structured wire panel using Structured wire The products used in this example are by Channel Vision. Many of our customers like to split the DSL from the phones using a DSL Splitter to avoid putting DSL filters all around the house. The DSL splitter can be located outside or in the panel as long as all phone jacks are fed from the panel.

In this diagram all incoming lines, (1 CAT5 from the demarcation box is recommended) are fed into a bridged phone module that (copies) the lines to eight locations throughout the house. If you have more then 8 locations you simply purchase 2 modules.

Incoming cable from the city is also routed into the box as well. We recommend all coax cable be grounded before entering the house. IF you have a cable modem, you should split the signal with a two way splitter or TAP. One side goes to the cable modem and the other to an amplified splitter as shown in the diagram below. This would insure no signal loss to all eight TV drops in the house.

The CAT5's used for data should be punched down into a patch panel as shown in the diagram. This has become the standard for data distribution as it is consumer friendly, color coded and is a more reliable solution than putting your own ends on the cable. You would then used factory made CAT5 jumpers to the switch, hub or router to the wall plates you with to have internet service.

The second set of coax cables are for dual tuner devices and/or sending feeds from a room back to the distribution amplifier. A popular example of upstream feeds is to modulate a TiVo or DVD to an unused channel to make it accessible to all other rooms. Our most popular coax patch panel is the Channel Vision CV-C0213. It fits in all panels and is a great solution for terminating 8 coax cables.



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