MoCA Rated Filters, Splitters, and Amplifiers

"by Jeff Fisher"

Looking for MoCA rated RF distribution equipment? Don't know what MoCA is? Here's some help on both fronts.

A Quick Definition of MoCA


MoCA stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance. It is a group of companies that have gotten together to create a standard for shipping data over the coaxial cables already installed in a home, at data rates that allow HD video, internet access, and more. Basically it turns your existing coax distribution system into a high-speed bi-directional network.

MoCA bandwidth is 5-1525 MHz and is use by Verizon Fios as well as other cable systems.

The coax cable can be any decent quality RG6u type cable, but any splitters in the cable should be upgraded to MoCA rated splitters.

With all this data flowing around your coax, you might want to keep it from going back up the line to your cable company or, worse, your neighbor's house. That's where the MoCA filter comes in. This filter passes through CATV signals, while blocking MoCA signals.

We've heard of cases where a cable installer made a homeowner take out perfectly good splitters just because the cable company wanted to make the premise "MoCA compliant." We imagine that cable operators may offer MoCA services in the future.

It doesn't hurt to use these filters, splitters, and amplifiers in an existing installation, even if you're not currently considering using MoCA equipment.

MoCA Rated Equipment

"MoCA Rated" means that the specifications of these devices are compatible with MoCA standards.


We have a wide range of reasonably priced MoCA rated splitters.


A MoCA filter blocks signals in the MoCA range from traveling up the cable to all your neighbors, and insures that no external signals will interfere with MoCA signals on the inside.


MoCA rated amplifiers will amplify and pass MoCA signals throughout the home.


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